Wednesday, June 25, 2014

FYI - a new beginning?

Posting after a very long interval. A lot has happened in my personal life since my last activity - I have to shoulder new responsibilities and of course, I am not getting any younger (by age and body, if not by mind). I am attempting to break away from corporate life and become a freelancer, possibly a software architecture consultant, in due course of time. I have my hands full as of now.

Meanwhile, I have dabbled in Javascript, hybrid Mobile frameworks like Phonegap and Titanium and gained insight on the sundry mushrooming JS frameworks. The rise of Node.js, I feel, is a sort of vindication of my 2010 July article series - Do we really need Servlet Containers always?. I have also gained a whole new perspective and respect for user experience and GUIs, thanks to my recent-most employer - SapientNitro.

Looking at my earlier blogs, I found that the link of an earlier article of mine - The Dilemma of The Framework Creator had broken and the article was languishing in the internal site of my erst-while employer. As it had nothing to extoll or revile any particular product of any particular company and rings as true today as when I had written it, I thought it was a waste of a fine article and got it published in DZone's Architect Zone.

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